Sandy Hooks

Great experience ever. Very knowledgeable and very helpful

Ron Christopher

They really. Went. Out of. There way to. Help. Me. I'm very. Slow. And don't understand. Things. Just. Getting bold. I quess

Shine PR Etc.

You never know when someone you love needs a helping hand--and THIS is the place to call first! Very professional and understanding! Suzette goes the extra mile in providing valuable information and even follow-up care. I hope to never need her services again, but if I do--this is the place!

Joshua Bowen

I have always used 8% Everett Bail Bonds. They are always very punctual and willing to work with customers. I always recommend them to anyone I know due to their efficiency at handling all my need in a timely and professional matter.

Luke Mommer

Very great experience....and when I say that I mean it. Suzette goes above and beyond to help. If i could give more 🌟's i defeinetly would. Very communicative, professional, caring, and overall the best experience ever with a bail bond company.

Rob Gora

I just like how quick and responsive they were at getting me out I was out of snohomish County within 2 hours of talking to them and at a cheaper price too by over a 100 dollars.